Thursday, May 6, 2010

The day has arrived!

My 10-week work attachment is gonna be over in 7 hrs time. I just can't wait for the clock to strike 2pm. The day that I have been longing for, all these days! It has finally arrived. It is not that I am going to be away permanently from this job. However, the fact that I have a 2 week break after this means alot to me. I would have graduated by then and be labelled as a fresh graduate. The real test begins then. However I don't wish to think about it for now. Live for the moment!!!! YahoooOooooo!

I was extremely happy last night that I couldn't sleep at all. hehehe!

Anyway, can't wait for 2 pm! and after that it is gonna be PARrrrrrty time!

take care people!:))))

(I just realised that this is my first post where I sound soooo happy. good good. i like it!)