Friday, April 9, 2010

house and spouse

I always feel happy talking to people who shares their thoughts and ideas in a very natural way- serious issues that can be communicated in a very light-hearted manner. really love those chats and people who can simply do so. Had a great chat with my colleague this morning who is apparently going to leave this job very soon.

I was really too happy for him that he is moving on in his life. We have the same kinda of working style- SLACKERS! While talking with him, I shared my view on quitting this job if i ever had the chance to do so. He instantly replied " house and spouse are two important things that you need to settle before trying out anything new. and for that you need to have money. even if that means, working in a job that you hate most."

I totally agree with him that getting a house and finding the right partner are the most important thing in life. Once you are settled with these two in life, I guess we can rather focus on other things. However, it is easier said than done. My colleague,who has worked in 3 different jobs so far, told me today that this job had given him the best experience in life that he wouldn't have gained if he had worked some where else. True indeed! He didn't sign the contract when he joined this job- that gave him the chance to quit anytime. However, I did the costly mistake of signing the contract for 4 years- that left me with ZERO chances of quitting this job anytime before 2014. (ignoring the fact that the world is going to end in 2012)

We talked about all the shitty kind of stuff that we were instructed to do by senior officers. Had a great time looking back at stuff that we did. Just felt extremely happy for him and all the best buddy! I am so so so gonna miss his morning greetings to me and that smile of his!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

TagPost- 7 things that you don't know about me

Thanks to asha for inviting me to write in this tagpost:)

1) I had a wide range of ambitions in my life. When I was 15, i wanted to be a pilot. When I was 16, i wanted to be a football player. When I was 20, I wanted to be a cricketer. But ended up doing something that I hate to do. That's life for you i guess!:)

2) I hate to drink coffee and tea. I seriously hate those who drinks coffee or tea.

3) I have been learning to play the keyboard for the past 1 and a half years. I have passed my first grade and have done my debut performance last year in front of 120 people!

4) I have a tamil blog which I have been maintaining it for almost 5 years.

5) I hated to read. I started to pick up the habit of reading only at the age of 21 because of my elder sister who gave me 'one night at the call centre' to read. From then, i love reading everything and anything that interests and excites me.

6) my favourite food dish- chicken. Anything to do with chicken, I'll just eat them without any second thought. If you were to give me chicken briyani, I'll become ur slave for once!

7) I take part in atleast one marathon race every year. A resolution that I took a year ago and have been fulfilling it every year. Last year, I took part in a 5km charity race for breast cancer organisation. This year, recently, ran in a 4km (part of 218km marathon) race.

I'm inviting vinodhini, karthik, mayz

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools' Day Pranks

I have been playing pranks on 1st april every year for the past 3 years since 2008. It all started with a phone call prank in 2008 where I called 6 friends and told them that a guy proposed to me and that i didn't know how to react. All believed it and started advising me, each call lasted for atleast abt 1 hr.

In 2009, i emailed my friend who was staying in australia about my marriage proposal story and that i didn't like it and was forced into this. she believed every bit of it. I started emailing one week b4 1st april so that it appeared to be real. She fall for it and there I had, bundles of joy! On 1st april, i broke her the news after which she uttered the limited no of vulgarities that she knew of.(she's a good and innocent girl)

This year, i smsed my friends saying that shah rukh khan concert will be held on june 6th and my sis's friend is one of the organising member of the show. most of them fall for the joke! haha:)
one classic example:

me via sms: omg!! hey dudes and babes, did u all see the tv promo? shah rukh khan live in concert-here in singapore!! june 6th it seems. and it seems my sister's friends is one of the members in the organising team. They can help us get the tickets. do u all want to go?

one of friends' reply:whaaaaaaat! i can't talk. i am speechless. I confirm later today gotta rush dearie.

me: hey no problem. Try to confirm by this friday so that we can get the best seats infront. ask ur frens too. bring as many pple as u can. the more, the merrier! anyway for more info visit, HAHAHAHAHHAHA! happy april fools' day! do you think srk is thaaaat free ah? of course noooooo! haha:)