Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools' Day Pranks

I have been playing pranks on 1st april every year for the past 3 years since 2008. It all started with a phone call prank in 2008 where I called 6 friends and told them that a guy proposed to me and that i didn't know how to react. All believed it and started advising me, each call lasted for atleast abt 1 hr.

In 2009, i emailed my friend who was staying in australia about my marriage proposal story and that i didn't like it and was forced into this. she believed every bit of it. I started emailing one week b4 1st april so that it appeared to be real. She fall for it and there I had, bundles of joy! On 1st april, i broke her the news after which she uttered the limited no of vulgarities that she knew of.(she's a good and innocent girl)

This year, i smsed my friends saying that shah rukh khan concert will be held on june 6th and my sis's friend is one of the organising member of the show. most of them fall for the joke! haha:)
one classic example:

me via sms: omg!! hey dudes and babes, did u all see the tv promo? shah rukh khan live in concert-here in singapore!! june 6th it seems. and it seems my sister's friends is one of the members in the organising team. They can help us get the tickets. do u all want to go?

one of friends' reply:whaaaaaaat! i can't talk. i am speechless. I confirm later today gotta rush dearie.

me: hey no problem. Try to confirm by this friday so that we can get the best seats infront. ask ur frens too. bring as many pple as u can. the more, the merrier! anyway for more info visit, HAHAHAHAHHAHA! happy april fools' day! do you think srk is thaaaat free ah? of course noooooo! haha:)


Vinodhini said...

Ya gayaaaa....thanks for that! Things that we do to make life more interesting ahh?? Hahahaa... Wahhh...ur this yr's prank..I like the website u gave them man! Hahahahahaaaa....

asha said...

You seem to be a naughty girl.
BTw did you check my blog. I have tagged you.

divsi said...

oh myyy

u kno i did this srk thingy sumthin similar to that...:p
a few yrs back..made my entire bldg a bakra..
published pamphlets that sallu bhai is comin to our society via a tv prog blah blah...n evryone dressed up so grandly for the so called event hahahahaha:p

smashing said...

@divsi, oh my god! really! that sounds like a fun prank compared to mine. for an sms itself, i had pple cursing me for doing so!:))