Sunday, February 21, 2010

If the world wouldn't suck, we'd all fall off

The title of my post has issues with regards to physics, gravity and force. I'm least bothered about them. What has been bothering me for the past few days is 'why life sucks'. Whenever my mind starts asking this question 'why was I born?', for once I should be aware that something terribly is gonna be wrong.

finished with studies. graduating in 3 months' time. 10 week work attachment from tommorrow. Looks as though I am pretty much settled down in life. But, am I happy with a life that has laid down everything for me?- a safe career and relatively well-paid job. Can't I take the route less travelled by? As some of friends know, I was forced to choose a course I hated. I was forced to enter into a profession that I hated most. Now, I hate it when I have to put a smile and act as though everything is perfect. The smile, whenever I look at the mirror, kills my conscience and my conscience shouts out loud at me ," you've betrayed yourself."

A heart-throbbing pain travels all through my veins and cells.

I don't want a career or a job where I need to follow what others do and say. I want to be my own boss. I want to start something on my own. More than a follower, I want to lead others into the path less travelled. It is a risk. In fact, I'm ready to take the calculated risk. All I want are support, encouragement, arms that would lovingly embrace me and a shoulder to cry when I need. Am I expecting too much?

I've been thinking of all these for a while and usually ends up with confusion and disappointment. Where should i go? Where should I start? Is this the most ethical thing to do- quit my job even before i start? Am I ready to pay for it? Am I ready to face everyone after that? Will I have the strength to answer their questions?

Confused. Disturbed. Dismayed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My name is bangle and I don't like MNIK

Happened to watch 'my name is khan'. A mixture of fanaa, kurbaan and newyork loosely tied with a cliche theme, MNIK has been a roaring success all over the world. However, I would give this movie 5/10.
1- powerful dialogues
1-beautiful songs
1-SRK's attempt
1- karan johar (yea i know i'm biased)

powerful dialogues- Simple yet strong emotions were reflected in many scenes through the dialogues spoken. There is a particular scene where SRK's mum draws 2 stick figures and indicates one is a hindu and the other a muslim. The mum questions her son to state the differences of the identical figures and explains "there are only 2 kinds of people in the world. Good and bad" A very essential message conveyed across with a simple line.

beautiful songs- shankar, eshan, loy- the trio has never failed to amuse me with their composition. Each song is a pleasure to the ears. a great musical feast indeed. i like 'sajida' song.

visuals- Karan johar's 2nd home is USA for sure. He seems to be filming most of his movies in US and he knows the best way to picturise the places there.

SRK's attempt- An actor, with a huge stardom value, has attempted such a role. This is the biggest marketing factor for the film. SRK should have loads of guts to do this role and he has tried his level best. (however, at times I could not feel as though i'm watching a character who suffers from asperger's syndrome. all that I could see was that SRK imitating like one such person.)

karan johar- love this chap since his first film. so one mark for him. I really miss kal ho naa ho karan johar. i really miss K3G karan johar! I really miss his family sentiments, drama, disco songs!

karan, can you promise me that your next film will be a pakka family entertainer?