Sunday, August 15, 2010

loving the weekends

I'm loving my weekends. I absolutely don't think about work during my weekend. I don't do any stuff that is related to work. I just love it.

I have dedicated my saturday morning to volunteer work. I supervise a group of boys from the boys home for their speech and drama programme. They are playful at times but extremely extremely funny! had a great time laughing last saturday. I've started playing football in the evenings. One of my aunties organise a 2 hr football match for ladies only. I got to meet many new friends ( i love meeting new people). It is a great workout time as well. It is an outdoor football court which is near a function hall building. Since it is a saturday, I see birthday functions/wedding receptions being held in that building. We play football as we hear loud bhangra music! Just too awesome,rite? *winks*

Sundays- i rest as much as I can. I jog if possible and practise on my keyboard. Today, I learnt to play 'piyu bole'. Loving it:)

anyway, it's back to work tmr. wish my workdays are as fun as my weekends.

Monday, July 5, 2010

i love this story!!!!!

I watched 'i hate luv storys' yesterday and truly enjoyed every moment of it. KARAN JOHAR is back in form by creating another entertaining film. That was missing from him for quite sometime (my name is khan, wake up sid, kurbaan). I didn't like any of these films. but 'i hate luv storys' was thoroughly enjoyed! Needless to say, i had a great company of 8 frens with me to watch the film.

director punit malhotara has lots of guts to make fun of karan johar's films and it is surprise that karan himself has produced this film. That's what I love abt karan!!!!! the story of the film is nothing different. boy meets girl. girl loves boy but the boy isn't interested in love. boy realised the girl's love in the 2nd half and chases the girl to prove his love. simple, or rather cliche kinda story. However, the treatment of the movie is fantastic. Dialogues play an important role. Teasing and poking fun at films are a joy to watch. The tone of the movie is very light-hearted and watching it on a sunday brings an awesome end to ur weekend and a wonderful start for that week.

This film has lots of energy, colours and costume designer manish has done a fantabulous job! Oh yes, there's a newly coined word that we can learn from this movie- fugly (fuckingly ugly i guess) hahaha!:))

i've heard that the movie has received mixed reviews. Just one thing to say- If you wanna feel young, pls do watch the movie!

Friday, July 2, 2010

one week and more.....

It has been a tiring week and was waiting for this awesome weekend. from morning till evening, work tires me. I came back home and fall flat on my bed. Body aches, brain aches and heart aches.

body ache- Running around from room to room. It's physically demanding. strenuous tasks to be done all day along. hell alot of meetings to attend.

brain ache- too many things ongoing and hell alot of work to be done. I'm still a kid!!! pleasssssssse understand!

heart ache- i've been forced to do things that go against my own priniciples. I would love to stand firm by my principles but I can't! It hurts terribly to do something that i hate to do.

Drink alchohol, you'll die in 30 yrs' time
smoke a cigarrette, you'll die in 20 yrs' time
love someone, you'll die everyday
do something that you hate to do, you'll die every second

The only way to escape from my work, is to wait for the bond to be over. I've signed a bond that wants me to serve for 4 years. haiz...tsk tsk tsk *sighs heavily* It has been only one week so far. another 207 weeks to go (assuming that 52 weeks per year). Sometimes, I really do believe that the world is gonna end in 2012 and i wish it happens in 2010 itself. Just hate how things are going in my life!

i've no other choices but to whine and complain! anyway, let's put aside all these bad stuff aside!

Talking about happy moments- i tried bhangra aerobics last sunday. It's super cool and a great workout session. Love the music and moves. I'm gonna watch 'i hate love stories' this sunday! just can't wait. Attending a friend's wedding tmr. Gonna play soccer next saturday and gonna celebrate one of my besties' birthday next sunday.

Looking at these events, hmmm....... i love weekends!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

random thoughts

(I wrote a post and i didn't save it. so here i am writing all over again! *slaps forehead*)

I've yet to get my full workload and been living in a fantasy world, neglecting the fact that work is going to engulf me soon. well for now, I am slacking to the maximum. Sleeping, eating and reading. Sleeping- 25 hrs a day. Eating- more than what I should eat. Simply because I have nothing important to do. (and not exercising at all *whacks my backside*) YEsss! i am reading a book titled 'ugly' by constance briscoe. It is a book about a girl who has suffered in her life because of her label as 'ugly'

Am waiting for 'raavan'. Ar-rahman and Maniratnam combo has never failed to amuse me. so here i am waiting for them to amaze me again! The songs are a great hit. Some songs have been on the repeat mode! :))) Well talking about the director maniratnam reminds of me 22nd may 2004. The day when I got to see maniratnam.

Bollywood was here for IIFA show. A huge crowd of enthusiastic fans were waiting at the hotel lobby to see their favourite stars. We got to see maddy (3 idiots fame), saif ali khan, vivek oberoi, SRK, kareen kapoor. People were chanting their names. But there was this calm-looking man standing at a corner waiting for his car. Very few knew his name or rather could even recognise him. Just for the very fact that he is always behind the scenes, people don't really know who he is. I was about one or 2 metres away from him. I screamed 'mani sirrrrrr'. he turned and smiled at me. He went off as his car arrived! that smile of his- DIVINE!:)

I've gotten my graduation results- 2nd lower class honours. I'm not a very exam-oriented or grade-focused person. As long as I can move on, I am fine. Grades are not a true measure of your intelligence. Nowadays, education produces labourers for the working force. It doesn't allow people to be what she/he wants to be. or rather, it's our blame. We've manipulated the system so much that grades decides life!

A mere letter- A or B or C- letters that I learnt in nursery. How can those decide my life? how come those grades mean everything now? Haiz...tsk tsk. It is unfortunate to see that right from your parents to neighbours to any strangers look at you based on the grades that you've received.

No matter what grade you get, you're still gonna eat 3 meals a day (or more), brush teeth, shit, laugh and sleep just like how a A grader would do! hahahahaha ok i shall stop ranting for now!take care folks!
( oh yessssssssss, i have been always spending some time playing the keyboard:))

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The day has arrived!

My 10-week work attachment is gonna be over in 7 hrs time. I just can't wait for the clock to strike 2pm. The day that I have been longing for, all these days! It has finally arrived. It is not that I am going to be away permanently from this job. However, the fact that I have a 2 week break after this means alot to me. I would have graduated by then and be labelled as a fresh graduate. The real test begins then. However I don't wish to think about it for now. Live for the moment!!!! YahoooOooooo!

I was extremely happy last night that I couldn't sleep at all. hehehe!

Anyway, can't wait for 2 pm! and after that it is gonna be PARrrrrrty time!

take care people!:))))

(I just realised that this is my first post where I sound soooo happy. good good. i like it!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

house and spouse

I always feel happy talking to people who shares their thoughts and ideas in a very natural way- serious issues that can be communicated in a very light-hearted manner. really love those chats and people who can simply do so. Had a great chat with my colleague this morning who is apparently going to leave this job very soon.

I was really too happy for him that he is moving on in his life. We have the same kinda of working style- SLACKERS! While talking with him, I shared my view on quitting this job if i ever had the chance to do so. He instantly replied " house and spouse are two important things that you need to settle before trying out anything new. and for that you need to have money. even if that means, working in a job that you hate most."

I totally agree with him that getting a house and finding the right partner are the most important thing in life. Once you are settled with these two in life, I guess we can rather focus on other things. However, it is easier said than done. My colleague,who has worked in 3 different jobs so far, told me today that this job had given him the best experience in life that he wouldn't have gained if he had worked some where else. True indeed! He didn't sign the contract when he joined this job- that gave him the chance to quit anytime. However, I did the costly mistake of signing the contract for 4 years- that left me with ZERO chances of quitting this job anytime before 2014. (ignoring the fact that the world is going to end in 2012)

We talked about all the shitty kind of stuff that we were instructed to do by senior officers. Had a great time looking back at stuff that we did. Just felt extremely happy for him and all the best buddy! I am so so so gonna miss his morning greetings to me and that smile of his!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

TagPost- 7 things that you don't know about me

Thanks to asha for inviting me to write in this tagpost:)

1) I had a wide range of ambitions in my life. When I was 15, i wanted to be a pilot. When I was 16, i wanted to be a football player. When I was 20, I wanted to be a cricketer. But ended up doing something that I hate to do. That's life for you i guess!:)

2) I hate to drink coffee and tea. I seriously hate those who drinks coffee or tea.

3) I have been learning to play the keyboard for the past 1 and a half years. I have passed my first grade and have done my debut performance last year in front of 120 people!

4) I have a tamil blog which I have been maintaining it for almost 5 years.

5) I hated to read. I started to pick up the habit of reading only at the age of 21 because of my elder sister who gave me 'one night at the call centre' to read. From then, i love reading everything and anything that interests and excites me.

6) my favourite food dish- chicken. Anything to do with chicken, I'll just eat them without any second thought. If you were to give me chicken briyani, I'll become ur slave for once!

7) I take part in atleast one marathon race every year. A resolution that I took a year ago and have been fulfilling it every year. Last year, I took part in a 5km charity race for breast cancer organisation. This year, recently, ran in a 4km (part of 218km marathon) race.

I'm inviting vinodhini, karthik, mayz

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools' Day Pranks

I have been playing pranks on 1st april every year for the past 3 years since 2008. It all started with a phone call prank in 2008 where I called 6 friends and told them that a guy proposed to me and that i didn't know how to react. All believed it and started advising me, each call lasted for atleast abt 1 hr.

In 2009, i emailed my friend who was staying in australia about my marriage proposal story and that i didn't like it and was forced into this. she believed every bit of it. I started emailing one week b4 1st april so that it appeared to be real. She fall for it and there I had, bundles of joy! On 1st april, i broke her the news after which she uttered the limited no of vulgarities that she knew of.(she's a good and innocent girl)

This year, i smsed my friends saying that shah rukh khan concert will be held on june 6th and my sis's friend is one of the organising member of the show. most of them fall for the joke! haha:)
one classic example:

me via sms: omg!! hey dudes and babes, did u all see the tv promo? shah rukh khan live in concert-here in singapore!! june 6th it seems. and it seems my sister's friends is one of the members in the organising team. They can help us get the tickets. do u all want to go?

one of friends' reply:whaaaaaaat! i can't talk. i am speechless. I confirm later today gotta rush dearie.

me: hey no problem. Try to confirm by this friday so that we can get the best seats infront. ask ur frens too. bring as many pple as u can. the more, the merrier! anyway for more info visit, HAHAHAHAHHAHA! happy april fools' day! do you think srk is thaaaat free ah? of course noooooo! haha:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life's difficult moment

financial problems, mother-in-law conflict, no promotion scope in jobs- if you think that these are some of life's difficult moments, you should hear my story then. Yesterday-friday. It was one week b4 gd friday. A friday that turned to be a bad friday for me. I was about to return home after work. While packing my stuff in my bag, I looked out of the window. The sky looked normal. Once I signed out at the general office, I came out and made my way to the exit.

Rain started to pour heavily from nowhere. I was taken aback. a little shocked! I took out my umbrella from my bag with much struggle and walked towards the bus stop. I thought I could make it to the bus stop. But just couldn't. Every time I took a step forward, strong winds pushed me back. My umbrella was swinging out of control. I had to exert extra force to hold it tightly. And the rain taught me a lesson. Never ever wear to be in a skirt out on the streets when it rains. With umbrella going out of control, my skirt 'danced' to the tunes of the strong winds. With one hand on the umbrella, the other hand made its way to keep my skirt from the 'unwanted dance'.

I realised that the bag's zip was torn. The reports and other important documents were in the bag and the heavy downpour had ruined some of them. Oh my god! I just didn't know what to do.

dancing skirt, flying umbrella, reports being ruined by the rain- life's difficult moment indeed!

Thank god, the security guard in the nearby apartments saw my plight and took pity on me. He suggested that I should take shelter first and wait for the rain to stop. I was really touched by his act. It was realllyyyyyy sweet of him! Thanks uncle.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Emotions on a Roller Coaster

I live for the weekends and 'die' on the rest of the days. hate work to the core. It's really exhausting. Brain cells are dead and are being sent to the mortuary. Every sunday night, I get into a sort of depression mode thinking of the next day's work. Emotions are on a roller coaster ride. Some parts of the day, I feel fine for no reason. The next minute, I become really really upset for no reason. Friends keep saying that I should learn to pat my heart and say 'aal izz well'

But it is bloody damn difficult to be calm and be composed. It is so tough to bring the heart to a relaxed mood. Whenever I want to whisper 'aal izz well', my mind and heart wander off to hell. All I could feel is pain. If someone were to ask me the reason for my devastation, I have no answer to that question. Loss of appetite, lack of social life, gloomy days, sleepless nights...oh well speaking about sleepless nights. I work from 630 am to 6pm everyday. I return home to rest from 7pm to 11pm. Get up again to finish any pending work till 5am after which I get ready for my work again.

My journey seems to be travelling in only one path- home to workplace. Oh what the...!! *sighs* It has been days since I logged on to facebook. It has been days since I last spoke to my friends or smsed them. It has been ages I met up with them. Going through a period of 'I-don't-want-to-see- the-world.' I think I've said this earlier somewhere in my blog- A costly mistake made in my life that had brought me to this state today. I should have fought then even if that had broken many hearts. I should have done it for my well-being, for my sake, for my life! I should have been firm in my decision. I should have not gotten into a course that I didn't want to do in my life.

so many 'should's.... Now fate is shooting me!:(

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jay Sean!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to announce to the world that I'm totally in love with jay sean and his songs. She's fire and down have been on repeat mode in my music player. I've listened to them more than a million times. Well, wishing to hear more of them, I was looking for the bhangra remix versions of these songs and I found this! enjoy folks!

Jay Sean is hot, hot, hotttttt! *winks winks*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luck By Chance

It was 6.00 pm and a huge crowd that consisted of men mostly, started to gather around in Richtre area. The area was well-known for entertaining the men in all forms. Food outlets were serving beer to old retired men whose only intention in life was not to live life to the fullest but to finish their beer mugs to the fullest. Bristling with life, the area started to attract a bigger crowd as the sun disappeared below the horizon. The bar was filled with a mad horde of hockey fans eager to see their teams in action during the match.

My boss let us on the streets. Many men came to us daily. I wasn't bothered about it. All I had to do was to be there physically. I seemed to ponder about the fasincation that these men had on us. It was a mere pleasure for them. According to them, it is a pleasure that costs nothing but money.

The sky above was full of tumultuous, dark and ragged clouds. The dark clouds grew ominous and the wind was howling. We used to see the same people. Occassionally, a few new ones arrived. Today a man in his forties arrived in his old bike. For no particular reason, he caught my attention. He parked his vehicle near a lamp post. I was observing every action of his. He cleared his throat and spat out his saliva into the drains! EEeww, how disgusting it was!!

He took out a packet of cigarettes and lit one, polluting the air with smoke. He had a chat with another guy who looked much younger than him. The younger chap was pointing to us as they were talking. For once, I knew it was about us! As I was observing these 2 fellows, 'business' was going on normally. A few of my friends were 'taken' away.

The sky was most threatening. In no time, it was raining cats and dogs. The 40-year-old man was soaked to the skin as he found shelter near a stall. Within a few mintues, he was approaching me. Wiping his wet shirt with an old dirty handkerchief, he gave an amount to my boss and took me away as well. I had no other choice but to follow him.

Little did he know that the jackpot money was for lottery ticket- 0987
and not me- 0988!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love your kids and learn to say 'i love you'

How many of us have actually uttered this phrase to our kids: "i love you". We rarely do. We are emotional beings- we laugh, cry, shout in anger and express our emotions and feelings in various ways. But when it comes to love and affection, are we really expressive? Do we show our love explicitly?

'love' is a taboo word in many asian families till today. When I say love, I mean the love between parents and kids. Most of the times, we associate the word 'love' to something bad and vulgar. However, it is the most powerful and strong word that makes a big difference. Now, it narrows down to how we show our love to kids. Yes, we do provide food, shelter, clothing, money and freedom to our kids. Parents want them to understand the hardship that they go through for the kids. In fact, children understand every bit of it. What kids want is, a little bit more than that. Parents saying it verbally to them, "i love you son/girl".

It may sound simple yet some parents feel awkard saying it. Well actually, it also deals with the issue of letting go of your ego. yes! Parents should not just understand kids' feelings but also 'feel' their feelings. Let's say a child is studying for exams. We know the child' potential and capability. There is no necessity to pressurize the kid by adding fuel to fire. All that the child wants to know from parents is the assurance that they will be supporting him/her no matter what happens. Support/encouragement/motivation can all be done in saying these three magical words -"i love you". Love your kids for who they are and not what they are going to be. After all, they are your kids, your blood, your angels!

Have you danced with your children in the rain?
Have you ever gone wild dancing/singing on ur child's 18th birthday party?
Have you gone for a long drive with your kid?
Have you ever said to your teenage child about how the girl/guy at the bus-stop is all looking cute?

no??? Sorry, you've missed alot in life! nothing is late! start it right now:)

Be a friend to your kid! Hug them! Give them a goodnight kiss and don't forget to say 'i love u':)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

If the world wouldn't suck, we'd all fall off

The title of my post has issues with regards to physics, gravity and force. I'm least bothered about them. What has been bothering me for the past few days is 'why life sucks'. Whenever my mind starts asking this question 'why was I born?', for once I should be aware that something terribly is gonna be wrong.

finished with studies. graduating in 3 months' time. 10 week work attachment from tommorrow. Looks as though I am pretty much settled down in life. But, am I happy with a life that has laid down everything for me?- a safe career and relatively well-paid job. Can't I take the route less travelled by? As some of friends know, I was forced to choose a course I hated. I was forced to enter into a profession that I hated most. Now, I hate it when I have to put a smile and act as though everything is perfect. The smile, whenever I look at the mirror, kills my conscience and my conscience shouts out loud at me ," you've betrayed yourself."

A heart-throbbing pain travels all through my veins and cells.

I don't want a career or a job where I need to follow what others do and say. I want to be my own boss. I want to start something on my own. More than a follower, I want to lead others into the path less travelled. It is a risk. In fact, I'm ready to take the calculated risk. All I want are support, encouragement, arms that would lovingly embrace me and a shoulder to cry when I need. Am I expecting too much?

I've been thinking of all these for a while and usually ends up with confusion and disappointment. Where should i go? Where should I start? Is this the most ethical thing to do- quit my job even before i start? Am I ready to pay for it? Am I ready to face everyone after that? Will I have the strength to answer their questions?

Confused. Disturbed. Dismayed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My name is bangle and I don't like MNIK

Happened to watch 'my name is khan'. A mixture of fanaa, kurbaan and newyork loosely tied with a cliche theme, MNIK has been a roaring success all over the world. However, I would give this movie 5/10.
1- powerful dialogues
1-beautiful songs
1-SRK's attempt
1- karan johar (yea i know i'm biased)

powerful dialogues- Simple yet strong emotions were reflected in many scenes through the dialogues spoken. There is a particular scene where SRK's mum draws 2 stick figures and indicates one is a hindu and the other a muslim. The mum questions her son to state the differences of the identical figures and explains "there are only 2 kinds of people in the world. Good and bad" A very essential message conveyed across with a simple line.

beautiful songs- shankar, eshan, loy- the trio has never failed to amuse me with their composition. Each song is a pleasure to the ears. a great musical feast indeed. i like 'sajida' song.

visuals- Karan johar's 2nd home is USA for sure. He seems to be filming most of his movies in US and he knows the best way to picturise the places there.

SRK's attempt- An actor, with a huge stardom value, has attempted such a role. This is the biggest marketing factor for the film. SRK should have loads of guts to do this role and he has tried his level best. (however, at times I could not feel as though i'm watching a character who suffers from asperger's syndrome. all that I could see was that SRK imitating like one such person.)

karan johar- love this chap since his first film. so one mark for him. I really miss kal ho naa ho karan johar. i really miss K3G karan johar! I really miss his family sentiments, drama, disco songs!

karan, can you promise me that your next film will be a pakka family entertainer?