Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luck By Chance

It was 6.00 pm and a huge crowd that consisted of men mostly, started to gather around in Richtre area. The area was well-known for entertaining the men in all forms. Food outlets were serving beer to old retired men whose only intention in life was not to live life to the fullest but to finish their beer mugs to the fullest. Bristling with life, the area started to attract a bigger crowd as the sun disappeared below the horizon. The bar was filled with a mad horde of hockey fans eager to see their teams in action during the match.

My boss let us on the streets. Many men came to us daily. I wasn't bothered about it. All I had to do was to be there physically. I seemed to ponder about the fasincation that these men had on us. It was a mere pleasure for them. According to them, it is a pleasure that costs nothing but money.

The sky above was full of tumultuous, dark and ragged clouds. The dark clouds grew ominous and the wind was howling. We used to see the same people. Occassionally, a few new ones arrived. Today a man in his forties arrived in his old bike. For no particular reason, he caught my attention. He parked his vehicle near a lamp post. I was observing every action of his. He cleared his throat and spat out his saliva into the drains! EEeww, how disgusting it was!!

He took out a packet of cigarettes and lit one, polluting the air with smoke. He had a chat with another guy who looked much younger than him. The younger chap was pointing to us as they were talking. For once, I knew it was about us! As I was observing these 2 fellows, 'business' was going on normally. A few of my friends were 'taken' away.

The sky was most threatening. In no time, it was raining cats and dogs. The 40-year-old man was soaked to the skin as he found shelter near a stall. Within a few mintues, he was approaching me. Wiping his wet shirt with an old dirty handkerchief, he gave an amount to my boss and took me away as well. I had no other choice but to follow him.

Little did he know that the jackpot money was for lottery ticket- 0987
and not me- 0988!


Mayz said...

kahani mein twist!!!

bangles said...

@mayz, hmm.. i know that u are trying to say smthing but don't really understand exactly- cos I don't know hindi, boy! hehehe:)

Mayz said...

oh hmmmm...twist in d tale

Vinodhini said...

hey is this a story u wrote? coz i thought the boss person was ur relative and that this happened at bali...