Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life's difficult moment

financial problems, mother-in-law conflict, no promotion scope in jobs- if you think that these are some of life's difficult moments, you should hear my story then. Yesterday-friday. It was one week b4 gd friday. A friday that turned to be a bad friday for me. I was about to return home after work. While packing my stuff in my bag, I looked out of the window. The sky looked normal. Once I signed out at the general office, I came out and made my way to the exit.

Rain started to pour heavily from nowhere. I was taken aback. a little shocked! I took out my umbrella from my bag with much struggle and walked towards the bus stop. I thought I could make it to the bus stop. But just couldn't. Every time I took a step forward, strong winds pushed me back. My umbrella was swinging out of control. I had to exert extra force to hold it tightly. And the rain taught me a lesson. Never ever wear to be in a skirt out on the streets when it rains. With umbrella going out of control, my skirt 'danced' to the tunes of the strong winds. With one hand on the umbrella, the other hand made its way to keep my skirt from the 'unwanted dance'.

I realised that the bag's zip was torn. The reports and other important documents were in the bag and the heavy downpour had ruined some of them. Oh my god! I just didn't know what to do.

dancing skirt, flying umbrella, reports being ruined by the rain- life's difficult moment indeed!

Thank god, the security guard in the nearby apartments saw my plight and took pity on me. He suggested that I should take shelter first and wait for the rain to stop. I was really touched by his act. It was realllyyyyyy sweet of him! Thanks uncle.


Nethra said...

Did you forget that skirts are for summer and not rainy season?
Nice post. :)

smashing said...


here in singapore, there aren't any specific weather seasons. It rains and shines as it is. So we really don't know about the day's weather unless we become expert in palm reading. (reads our palms and guess the weather forecast...something crazy like that..haha)

Harini said...

Ouch! Uncle indeed is a good guy!

asha said...

certainly these are difficult times, especially when on road.
BTW, check out my blog, you have been tagged.