Sunday, August 15, 2010

loving the weekends

I'm loving my weekends. I absolutely don't think about work during my weekend. I don't do any stuff that is related to work. I just love it.

I have dedicated my saturday morning to volunteer work. I supervise a group of boys from the boys home for their speech and drama programme. They are playful at times but extremely extremely funny! had a great time laughing last saturday. I've started playing football in the evenings. One of my aunties organise a 2 hr football match for ladies only. I got to meet many new friends ( i love meeting new people). It is a great workout time as well. It is an outdoor football court which is near a function hall building. Since it is a saturday, I see birthday functions/wedding receptions being held in that building. We play football as we hear loud bhangra music! Just too awesome,rite? *winks*

Sundays- i rest as much as I can. I jog if possible and practise on my keyboard. Today, I learnt to play 'piyu bole'. Loving it:)

anyway, it's back to work tmr. wish my workdays are as fun as my weekends.