Thursday, June 10, 2010

random thoughts

(I wrote a post and i didn't save it. so here i am writing all over again! *slaps forehead*)

I've yet to get my full workload and been living in a fantasy world, neglecting the fact that work is going to engulf me soon. well for now, I am slacking to the maximum. Sleeping, eating and reading. Sleeping- 25 hrs a day. Eating- more than what I should eat. Simply because I have nothing important to do. (and not exercising at all *whacks my backside*) YEsss! i am reading a book titled 'ugly' by constance briscoe. It is a book about a girl who has suffered in her life because of her label as 'ugly'

Am waiting for 'raavan'. Ar-rahman and Maniratnam combo has never failed to amuse me. so here i am waiting for them to amaze me again! The songs are a great hit. Some songs have been on the repeat mode! :))) Well talking about the director maniratnam reminds of me 22nd may 2004. The day when I got to see maniratnam.

Bollywood was here for IIFA show. A huge crowd of enthusiastic fans were waiting at the hotel lobby to see their favourite stars. We got to see maddy (3 idiots fame), saif ali khan, vivek oberoi, SRK, kareen kapoor. People were chanting their names. But there was this calm-looking man standing at a corner waiting for his car. Very few knew his name or rather could even recognise him. Just for the very fact that he is always behind the scenes, people don't really know who he is. I was about one or 2 metres away from him. I screamed 'mani sirrrrrr'. he turned and smiled at me. He went off as his car arrived! that smile of his- DIVINE!:)

I've gotten my graduation results- 2nd lower class honours. I'm not a very exam-oriented or grade-focused person. As long as I can move on, I am fine. Grades are not a true measure of your intelligence. Nowadays, education produces labourers for the working force. It doesn't allow people to be what she/he wants to be. or rather, it's our blame. We've manipulated the system so much that grades decides life!

A mere letter- A or B or C- letters that I learnt in nursery. How can those decide my life? how come those grades mean everything now? Haiz...tsk tsk. It is unfortunate to see that right from your parents to neighbours to any strangers look at you based on the grades that you've received.

No matter what grade you get, you're still gonna eat 3 meals a day (or more), brush teeth, shit, laugh and sleep just like how a A grader would do! hahahahaha ok i shall stop ranting for now!take care folks!
( oh yessssssssss, i have been always spending some time playing the keyboard:))