Monday, July 5, 2010

i love this story!!!!!

I watched 'i hate luv storys' yesterday and truly enjoyed every moment of it. KARAN JOHAR is back in form by creating another entertaining film. That was missing from him for quite sometime (my name is khan, wake up sid, kurbaan). I didn't like any of these films. but 'i hate luv storys' was thoroughly enjoyed! Needless to say, i had a great company of 8 frens with me to watch the film.

director punit malhotara has lots of guts to make fun of karan johar's films and it is surprise that karan himself has produced this film. That's what I love abt karan!!!!! the story of the film is nothing different. boy meets girl. girl loves boy but the boy isn't interested in love. boy realised the girl's love in the 2nd half and chases the girl to prove his love. simple, or rather cliche kinda story. However, the treatment of the movie is fantastic. Dialogues play an important role. Teasing and poking fun at films are a joy to watch. The tone of the movie is very light-hearted and watching it on a sunday brings an awesome end to ur weekend and a wonderful start for that week.

This film has lots of energy, colours and costume designer manish has done a fantabulous job! Oh yes, there's a newly coined word that we can learn from this movie- fugly (fuckingly ugly i guess) hahaha!:))

i've heard that the movie has received mixed reviews. Just one thing to say- If you wanna feel young, pls do watch the movie!

Friday, July 2, 2010

one week and more.....

It has been a tiring week and was waiting for this awesome weekend. from morning till evening, work tires me. I came back home and fall flat on my bed. Body aches, brain aches and heart aches.

body ache- Running around from room to room. It's physically demanding. strenuous tasks to be done all day along. hell alot of meetings to attend.

brain ache- too many things ongoing and hell alot of work to be done. I'm still a kid!!! pleasssssssse understand!

heart ache- i've been forced to do things that go against my own priniciples. I would love to stand firm by my principles but I can't! It hurts terribly to do something that i hate to do.

Drink alchohol, you'll die in 30 yrs' time
smoke a cigarrette, you'll die in 20 yrs' time
love someone, you'll die everyday
do something that you hate to do, you'll die every second

The only way to escape from my work, is to wait for the bond to be over. I've signed a bond that wants me to serve for 4 years. haiz...tsk tsk tsk *sighs heavily* It has been only one week so far. another 207 weeks to go (assuming that 52 weeks per year). Sometimes, I really do believe that the world is gonna end in 2012 and i wish it happens in 2010 itself. Just hate how things are going in my life!

i've no other choices but to whine and complain! anyway, let's put aside all these bad stuff aside!

Talking about happy moments- i tried bhangra aerobics last sunday. It's super cool and a great workout session. Love the music and moves. I'm gonna watch 'i hate love stories' this sunday! just can't wait. Attending a friend's wedding tmr. Gonna play soccer next saturday and gonna celebrate one of my besties' birthday next sunday.

Looking at these events, hmmm....... i love weekends!!