Saturday, April 3, 2010

TagPost- 7 things that you don't know about me

Thanks to asha for inviting me to write in this tagpost:)

1) I had a wide range of ambitions in my life. When I was 15, i wanted to be a pilot. When I was 16, i wanted to be a football player. When I was 20, I wanted to be a cricketer. But ended up doing something that I hate to do. That's life for you i guess!:)

2) I hate to drink coffee and tea. I seriously hate those who drinks coffee or tea.

3) I have been learning to play the keyboard for the past 1 and a half years. I have passed my first grade and have done my debut performance last year in front of 120 people!

4) I have a tamil blog which I have been maintaining it for almost 5 years.

5) I hated to read. I started to pick up the habit of reading only at the age of 21 because of my elder sister who gave me 'one night at the call centre' to read. From then, i love reading everything and anything that interests and excites me.

6) my favourite food dish- chicken. Anything to do with chicken, I'll just eat them without any second thought. If you were to give me chicken briyani, I'll become ur slave for once!

7) I take part in atleast one marathon race every year. A resolution that I took a year ago and have been fulfilling it every year. Last year, I took part in a 5km charity race for breast cancer organisation. This year, recently, ran in a 4km (part of 218km marathon) race.

I'm inviting vinodhini, karthik, mayz


Karthik said...

i hate tea but absolutely love coffee, if you come to chennai i can make you too love coffee. :)

btw, off the 7 things i already knew 5. LOL. :))

smashing said...

hello my dear bro karthik,

//btw, off the 7 things i already knew 5. LOL.//

hahaha, good brother!!

//if you come to chennai i can make you too love coffee. :)//

ok sponsor me a flight tic to chennai asap

asha said...

lovely knowing you through your tag. Would love to listen to ur keyboard performance some day. why don't u upload on you tube.

what is the name of your tamil blog?

smashing said...


my utube videos are as follows

Harini said...

Tamil blog... great. I cant read even a single thing in Tamil I can understand it sometimes though :P.

Jaunty anima said...

well u gona hate Me then..i LOVE TEA AND COFFEE...
And guess what...there's a plate of chicken biryani waiting for u on my blog;)

smashing said...

@harini, haha that's alrite. thanks for visiting this blog

@jaunty, chicken briyani! yummy yummy! really? where? i can't find it!

Vinodhini said...

hahhaaa mannn i didn't know u hate coffee!!! i love it by the way..haha..

அனாமிகா துவாரகன் said...

Most of us know 5 of them (2-6); so REWRITE IT. =))