Friday, August 28, 2009

Am all excited but extremely extremely nervous!

exactly 6 more hours to go- My debut keyboard performance on stage infront of 120 people. I have been learning indian classical keyboard for the past 6 months. Successfully, with much struggle, managed to pass the first grade(74 more point if not could have obtained a distinction)

Today, my music school celebrates its 5th anniversay! A splendid concert is going to be held in a few hours time. Vocalists, keyboard players, violinists, mirdangam players, kadam players....a lot more people are going to perform today. I will be playing 4 songs-ragupathi ragava, shymala meentachi, lingashtagam and mukundaa mukundaa song. Mukundaa song is the finale item in which almost 7 or 8 people with different instruments are gonna perform. Exciting indeed!

Since this is the first time for me on stage, I could feel million butteflies flying in my stomach right now. All tickling each other. I could feel that my intestines are all dancing bhangra! All kinds of emotions are being mixed in a grinder, streaming up towards my heart and making a U-turn and travelling down to my thighs. Thighs dancing to the bhangra tune too! If I were to perform everyday, I am dead sure that my thighs would tone down to a perfect shape within a month!

In fact, the total duration of my performance is about 7 minutes only! Wish this 7 minutes pass as quickly as possible!!

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Karthik said...

hey great news..congrats!! :)