Monday, August 24, 2009

How to pass?

I am studying graph theory this semester. An assignment question was given. The question goes like this.....

"Mr and Mrs samy attended an exclusive party where in addition to themselves, there were only 3 couples. As usually it happens, some shake hands with others. No one shook hands with the same person more than once and no one shook hands with his/her spouse. After all the handshakes had been done, mr samy asked each person, including his wife, how many hands he/she had shaken? To everyone's amusement, each one gave a different answer. How many hands did Mrs Samy shake?"

I was supposed to analyse this question mathematically. But what did I do?
My analysis as follows:

-Why were there only 4 couples in that so called exclusive party? so pathetic..hehe
-why the hell were they in close contact during this swine flu period?
-Why did mr samy wants to know the number of handshakes that his wife gave....such a typical indian man....hoh hooooooooo...suspects the wife ah!!!!

(Now tell will I be able to pass my exam if I continue to come up with such weird analysis?)


Srivats said...

Romba kastham daan LOL, can u post the actual answer its interesting :P

Karthik said...
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Karthik said...

haiyo, maths ah?????????

escape................! ;)

bangles said...

@sri, the actual ans is 3. but i have no idea why is that so. got the ans from a fren(just like how I always do)