Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally done!

Yahooooo, am done with my first keyboard performance yesterday. in fact, I wanted to blog about it right after the show. However I was mobbed by crazy fans. Nahhhhh, just kidding!
it is a gr8 feeling! just no words to say....I was very nervous when I started. As you get into the mood, everything else seems so easy after all. There were a few errors here and there. Somehow managed it. Overall, I was satisfied!

Just a year ago, I didn't even think that I could make it this far. A spl thanks to my keyboard guru and my idols-AR rahman & Veenai Rajesh Vaidhya!

Alot more to learn....a long way to go!

What exactly happened:

Post performance session:

This was the ultimate comedy highlight of the day. There were strict orders from my music school stating that performers should be in south indian outfit!(see, we show prejudice agst north indians. haha)They gave us certain options- saree, thaavani(literal meaning- half saree) or full length blouses. I have no idea what the hell was full length blouses all about. me, wearing a saree?? oh nooooooo.... i don't even want to wear one on my wedding(if that ever happens)

So, the only option *ting*- 'thaavani'. So what is the difference between a saree and thaavani? I am still figuring it out! indians claim that every indian girl should wear sarees since it is the part of their tradition and culture...blah...blah...blah! However, they failed to realise that sarees or thaavani can be the most sexiest outfit on earth. Because it is like, you want to fully cover yourself but you leave some parts uncovered and contradict yourself! (haiz...indians are funny bunch of people)

I prepared myself for the battle at 3pm-tying the thaavani! I was extremely cautious about not being an object of obscenity, bcos when I pulled my thaavani on the left, the right side of the thaavani went awful. So when I adjusted on the right, the left side went off track. It took me a solid one hour to tie it properly. One hour man, one hour- i would have ran atleast 7 km as a morning exercise! Another important item that played a major role today-the safety pins on my outfit. I had to use safety pins to tie my costume tightly so that it doesn't fly away!! if anyone could guess the correct no of safety pins that i had used today, you stand a chance to win a lcd tv( i bet you can't, cos i used hundreds of them!!)

@ 4pm- my beloved sister escorted me to the multi-storey carpark near my house. In fact, on normal days it takes about 2 minutes to walk to the carpark. However, today it took me ages to reach the carpark. There were one or 2 crows flying high up in the sky but i felt as though the whole world was looking at me! with my costume and nervousness, for once i knew how neil armstrong would have felt. (heavy outfits....heart pounding fast like nobody's business)

My sweet sister, "hey i'll drive. you chill down ok!"
I replied, "no no...i'll drive. i am fine."

I would rather travel in a bullock cart than to let her drive. She is a slow driver. Sorry, slowest driver!
There was this indian guy who was in a lorry that was moving ahead of our car. He started giggling and nudged his friend to take a look!( like what the hell...exhibiton is it?) Obviously, he was laughing at my actions. Because most of the time, I was adjusting my costume.

At the backstage:

Indian mothers always think that their kids are the most beautiful children in the world. At times even mine advises me to avoid the sun whenever possible, fearing that I may become dark. (amma, wake up ma! wake up!) Yea so back to the backstage story, I reached there at about 5 pm. mums were busily preparing their kids for the show. thing that i noticed- Mums(most of them) look gorgeous. Kids look awful. Fathers spoilt it i guess! (hahahhaha)

Aiyo-yo-yoo, i wanted to break bangles on everyone's head. Kids were noisy. terribly noisy. mums/aunties were gossiping non-stop. very disorganised. There wasn't anyone from my age group. So I was all alone in a corner, sending smses. Some aunties volunteered themselves to be in charge of sending the performers to the stage according to the schedule. However, when their kids finished their performance, those 'volunteers' left the place. Unfortunately, my performance was item no 7- one of the last few items. When it was nearing item no 7, there was no one left in the room to inform me to go to the stage.I had to do 'self-service' there!

It was a great feeling to perform infront of 120 pairs of eyes. I didn't look at the audience cos I know that I will laugh loudly seeing my family members or the fren who came to support me. I didn't want to take the risk! There were 2 other keyboard players performing for the same songs that I performed. For the 3rd song, we were supposed to start only on the 4th beat as instructed by my teacher. But this boy(or rather say the moron) started on the 2nd beat itself and we missed tempo. That particular part was too awful. After the performance, in the changing room, I told him that he missed the tempo and started on the wrong beat. that 10-year old brat ignored me totally. really annoying.

The performers had to queue up at the backstage for the award ceremony. I had to remind the kids to keep their mouths shut and to 'switch off' their asses to 'still' mode. Cos, those kids are monkeys who do not know how to stay in a place for a minute atleast. Some aunties do not know the meaning of manners-uneducated people i guess. This particular aunty....she was fat and was carrying a child in her arms. While I was in the queue, she squeezed me like an orange, trying to get her way out to the changing room. Thanks aunty for that squeeze, my tummy went flat and i got a 2-pack abs!

My aunty(some long distant relative) who was helping out in the show came to me and whispered in my ears, "i wished all these kids were like you. u r so quiet." pinched my cheeks and went off.
What's with aunties and their habit of pinching young girls' cheeks?

She turned back and looked at me, "do you want me to get some flowers to place on your hair?"

I smiled at her, "sorry aunty. no thanks. I don't have the habit."
aunty, "oh but i have the habit."

What the hell!!!! luckily, she didn't return to the changing room after that. probably she was caught up in the disorganised backstage issues!

thank god, I was the only keyboard player for the finale song. I need not have to deal with annoying kids like that brat. Voilinists and other instrument players were performing for the finale item too. I just noticed something half way thru the song. They had forgotten to unplug the wires from the keyboard. With the wires plugged in, the keyboard volume was soooooooooooo soft!

Haiz...somehow it ended soon! Finally! finally!!

2 people made my day-my fren who gave me a cute little flower after the concert!thanks soooooo much,woman!
and my sister............... gave me a huge hug after the concert! That was toooooo sweeeeet! her eyes beamed with joy as though she had just given birth to twin boys!hahahahahahahaha!!!!


Karthik said...

i get the picture...:)

Srivats said...

haha Congrats man, U did it!!

Srivats said...

//Just a year ago, I didn't even think that I could make it this far//

Everyone starts a little

Srivats said...

//So what is the difference between a saree and thaavani?//

Tamiz naadu romba sandhosa padudhungo!

Srivats said...

//if anyone could guess the correct no of safety pins that i had used today, you stand a chance to win a lcd tv( i bet you can't, cos i used hundreds of them!!)


அன்புடன் அருணா said...

//Thanks aunty for that squeeze, my tummy went flat and i got a 2-pack abs!//

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!